famous rapper Takeoff murdered by bullet known as stray bullet

famous rapper Takeoff murdered by bullet known as stray bullet, his record company claimed in statement

Takeoff Raper
Takeoff Raper

The Grammy-nominated artist, age 28, was shot and killed at a bowling alley in Houston, Texas, on Tuesday.

His record company paid tribute in a statement, saying: “We are devastated that senseless violence and a stray gunshot have taken another person from our earth.”

Troy Finner, the chief of police in Houston, said he did not want to make any assumptions about whether Takeoff was the intended victim.

According to what people have to say about him, he is well-respected and non-violent, he continued.

We have no reason to assume that he was involved in anything unlawful at the time, just as many describe him as very peaceful, caring, and a terrific entertainer. However, I do want to wait on the inquiry.

Takeoff Raper

On a balcony outside the 810 Billiards and Bowling Alley, where Takeoff was allegedly playing dice with his uncle and bandmate Quavo, the incident occurred at approximately 02:30 local time (07:30 GMT).

The number of guests at the private party, according to the police, was between 40 and 50. Police reported that when they arrived, they discovered a sizable throng and a man suffering from a head or neck injuries. At the scene, he was identified as deceased.

A 24-year-old guy and a 23-year-old woman who were also injured were taken to the hospital in private cars. There have been no detentions.

According to Police Chief Finner, “at least two weapons” were used in the incident, and “at least two people were seen pulling

One third of the top-charting Atlanta band Migos, whose singles included Walk It Talk It, Stir Fry, and Versace, was Takeoff, real name Kirsnick Khari Ball.

Takeoff Raper

Their 2016 track Bad And Boujee, which topped the US charts and received a Grammy Award nomination for best rap performance, helped them break into the public eye.

Takeoff was one of the major creators of the Migos sound, which featured aggressive vocal triplets and sparse, stuttering beats, but he did not appear on that song since he claimed to have missed the recording session.

Social media has been swamped with tributes to the celebrity, with friends, collaborators, and fans voicing their grief over his passing.